Meet the business automation requirements of FMS Industry

cuteVista, flagship product from Glow Worm Soft Labs, is an outcome of our close association with 80+ satisfied customers for the past 5 years. cuteVista demostrates our breadth and depth of our expertise in providing automation and process improvement solutions in the facility management industry.


Web based ERP exclusively meant for facility management services industry with 'Pay as you use' option and outright purchase to help automate business processes to manage deployment of security & housekeeping personnel, pay them and bill the clients'. more..

Web portal to enable business and customers to liaise automatically using the latest voice technology. more

Online software to chat, talk and share desktop to provide quick and effective online support.

Web based solution to capture the attendance of personnel from different sites using different technologies (bio-metric, access card…)

About us

Glow Worm Soft Labs is an IT Product and Service provider with extensive knowledge in providing business automaiton and process improvement solutions to facility management service industry. Glow Worm has proven capabilities to interface 3rd party hardware, software products to provide comprehensive solutions to its clients.

Glow Worm has a solution to enable B2C, B2B, C2B liaising with each other in quick time and by automatic calling. more

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